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Empowering startups with fast-paced learning curve to scale, get off the ground and grow fast

Our incubation program specifically design for tech startups and tech entrepreneurs to solve some problems associated with running a startup by providing workspace, seed funding, mentoring, and training.

We help startups to accelerate growth by emporing them with necessary supports, tools and skills needed to get started and move their idea to the next level.

Whatever your dream, we can help your make it a reality.

We will help you with business basics, networking opportunities, marketing assistance, high-speed internet access, accounting/financial management assistance, loan funds and guarantee programs, presentation skills, connections to strategic partners, access to angel investors or venture capital, business training programs, advisory boards and mentors, help with business etiquette, help with regulatory compliance Intellectual property management and legal counsel.

We have already help number of innovators, enterprenuers and startups to grow and kick start their innovations and ideas and bring them to live by helping them with funds, resources, knowledge skills and required mentorship.

Below are some of startup projects we are helped funded and kick started within our ecosystem.


2. ITRecruit

3. Convas8

4. PluPay

5. RentPro

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Wakil Sanni


Akolade Ganikale

Director, Technology Development

Dada Kehinde

Team Lead, Customer Service

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139, Idiroko Road, Ota, 112233, Nigeria


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