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Fully functional and well equiped systems with resources and tools for learning and development

Adjacent Tech Hub Coding Lab offers training and certificate courses in coding and software development. We also offer training and certification preparation course available in the market.

We offer best in class infrastructure for learning which is carried out by skilled professionals which combines to make a complete excellent learning package for participants.

Our training program is designed for students ages 8-18, undergraduates, IT ethusiasts or anyone looking to start career in IT, advance in the current IT career, change career or looking to advance in current career path. Basically, our training course is structured to help you in upgrading your skills and help you to keep ahead of the rapidly evolving business environment.

Our students are taught the official training curriculum by our certified trainers only. We ensure that students get the most out of their invested time and money.

Anybody who wishes to polish their domain expertise, either beginner or an expert, can join our training.

Available Programs and Courses Outline

Website Design





• Bootstrap

• Transition and Animation


• Code Optimization

• Promp Engineering

• OpenAI

• Large Language Modelling (LLMs)

• AI Strategy

• AI Programming

• Generative AI and ChatGPT


• Generative ChatBot

Website Design (UI/UX)

• Soft skills

• User testing

• User research

• Ddesign thinking

• UX principle of design

• Wireframent and prototyping

Web Application Development (Front End/Back End)

• ASP.Net


• JavaScript


• WordPress

• Software Testing & Quality Assurance

• Client Side Programming

Software Development (Microsoft Visual Studio)

• Introduction to Visual Studio

• ASP.NET Application

• ASP.NET Website

• Mobile Application Development (Xamarin)

• Programming in Visual Basic, C#, Visual C++

• Database Management System

• Microsoft SQL Server

Other Software Development Courses

 • C++

• Object C

• Java

• Software Engineering

• Software Testing & Quality Assurance

Below are some of startup projects we are helped funded and kick started within our ecosystem.


2. ITRecruit

3. Convas8

4. PluPay

5. RentPro

Our Team

Professionals Ready to Help Your Career

Wakil Sanni


Akolade Ganikale

Director, Technology Development

Dada Kehinde

Team Lead, Customer Service

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